I Have No Pants



Sorry. I've just felt uninspired here. Just wanted to say one thing though, you can stop trying to hack the wiki. Every time you ask for a password change, they send me a note and I tell them, no I didn't request it. Go pee in your own pool please and thank you.


Hi! I'm Tangles, and I'll be your tour guide today.

I've reordered the side panel to make it more confusing for everyone. You can now send me e-mail, subscribe to this blog, read here via a feed, or muck about on the new wiki. I've added some links too, because there's some neat stuff out there. Enjoy!


Some times I don't know what to say to people

I pretend I'm a ninja practicing the art of blending into the wall. I'm a very good ninja. This doesn't work on AIM though.